“Art is lifeblood that quickens the soul” ~ Shelly L. Franz


Being creative has always been a way of life for Shelly. She is a San Diego native and inherently self-taught. Growing up, she combined her passions for art and horseback riding, allowing her a deep sense of expression through creativity and unbridled freedom. Time spent away in both France and Italy, has influenced her art with filigree design and historical impressions. Her compassionate connection to animals and love for nature are great sources of inspiration. The verbal narrative is an important facet of her work, adding poetic sensibility with cloaked words emerging throughout the paintings.

Shelly is a tender muse, bringing forth spiritual wisdom and breathing life into her art to give it heartbeat. Her natural healing energy flows through her like the sound of water pouring onto the canvas, and each piece is infused with pure intention, mindfulness and unconditional love. The Feminine Spirit is an abundant messenger that delicately guides her intuitive brushstrokes, exposing vivid hues and fluid edging. Dancing with ethereal abstraction, her art is mystical, calming and soul awakening baring the true essence of the divine energy.

She considers women to be Mythical Goddesses that hold great power when they learn to value and treasure their individual intuition. During the painting process she fully surrenders allowing her “Girls” to lead her as they shape into a life of their own. Like a gentle melody of empathy and awareness, their eyes lure us into the harmony and tranquility within our hearts as we gracefully honor the walk between the worlds of light and shadow.

Enchanting and wonderingly perceptive, her images dare us to go inside of ourselves to explore our inner world. As we immerse deeper and deeper, we flow unresistingly filling spaces unseen before. Feelings and movements are shaped into something to be reflected upon, as we get closer to previously perceived distances to find a part of our psyche, which couldn’t be found otherwise and experience ourselves in a new way. It is through this soul journey of her art that we trust the quiet voice within as we walk back home, remembering the drumming of our heart and reclaiming our power.

Stories from the Artist

Art and Longing

I have always been drawn towards a sense of longing. It can keep one in the past, wrapped in false reality and illusion, but that longing has always been a reflective gateway to explore the expectations I have put upon myself and others. It’s more than naive romanticism. I am drawn to it’s emotional entrapment and release, tendered by that vulnerable space, which allows me to sift through growth patterns and relevant candor, when I have the courage to journey inward.

This levee on creative freedom shows through slowing down tempo, reminding me of allure and imminent spiritual delivery. Longing, as with Art, represents the trifecta of totality..past, present and future and all the in between. Most all moving sentiments, that be of artistic nature…music, art, motion picture, photography and dance… intuitively know how to dwell in these reprieves.

The space between.

Longing is my art. I am allowed to find meaning in what you say or what we try to rush upon another. My work has become a safe bleeding ground of play, altruism and the way I know how to authenticate or parcel out myself to others. I have grown to trust in the way this surrounding maneuvers, with salted avenues and beckonings. I am able to spin on its axis…to stand still in majestic restraint…light or shadowed. Only then, when I have surrendered, do I catch a glimpse of what this all means, how relevant we all are. I cannot imagine another way of living. The process of my art has gently shown me everything, boldly everything I am not, while whispering I am enough…

Shelly L. Franz